Residential Carpet Cleaning Services for Homes

It’s impossible to keep your home free from dirt, stains and all the other littles nasties that come with daily living. Maintaining the health and condition of your carpets can be an extremely time consuming and difficult chore. Our team here at Fresh Aire, are here to help alleviate the hassles of carpet cleaning and maintenance.bigstock-Happy-family-lying-on-floor-in-13094744-800x533

Deep and Effective Clean

Our deep clean process ensures we eliminate as much dirt, stains and allergens contained within carpets and upholstery as possible. Upon completion of a thorough clean, air quality will vastly improve as most of the contaminants that were once within these fibres will have been removed.

Regularly cleaning your carpets will not only improve the aesthetics and freshen an environment, it can also help extend the life of your carpet. We can also apply various levels of protectors to help keep your carpets cleaner for that much longer.

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We Clean Your Tile Flooring as Well

While we’ve earned our respected reputation in the carpet cleaning business, we’ve branched out and now include tile and grout cleaning in our floor cleaning services. We provide the same level of expert care and professionalism in our tile cleaning services as we do in our carpet cleaning services.

We can clean your tile to have it looking as if it was just installed yesterday. We can remove even the toughest stains and ground-in dirt and grime from your tiles and grout.

We also offer a tile and grout sealing service that seals the porous surface of your stone, terra-cotta, porcelain and ceramic tiles to keep them looking like new for years and save from having to apply new grout to them.

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Qualified Technicians

Our technicians are also fully qualified members of the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA (Inc) and WoolSafe and are completely committed to providing efficient and quality residential and commercial services.

Unlike many cleaning companies, we utilise many techniques and products to provide the most effective cleaning solution no matter the location. Our experts are fully trained and well versed in all facets of cleaning methods, equipment and products.

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Proudly Serving Perth for Over 18 Years

Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning was founded with the principle of constant training and improvement in our services as the working standard for our company. For over 18 years we’ve maintained this standard to our customer’s benefit.

Beyond our being registered WoolSafe Inspectors and Certified Operators, our president is the founder of the Carpet Cleaning Association of Western Australia and a proud member to this day.

We have become highly-regarded members of the Perth community and are known in the area to provide an exemplary and much valued service to the home and business owners of Perth.

Discover the level of services we provide that has everyone in Perth talking and keeping us constantly busy. Call us today.

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Here at Fresh Aire, we are able to provide carpet cleaning services to residential and commercial properties throughout the entire Perth area. Our vast selection of services will completely refresh, protect and sanitise your property.


We are able to competently restore your carpets to a near new appearance. No matter how bad you think the condition of your carpets are, chances are that we can restore them and make them look their best once again.

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