Spot Dyeing Saves You from Having to Replace Your Carpets

Spot Dyeing

If you have a permanent bleach mark on your carpet which has proved impossible to remove either by home remedies or professional carpet cleaning specialists in the Perth area, give us a call.

We offer a special technique that can saves you thousands of dollars in replacement costs for carpets that have been permanently ruined by bleach marks or stains caused by household bleach, nail polish remover, pet urine or chemical spills.

A bleaching agent completely removes the dyes from the carpet fibres, making all types of stain removal techniques ineffective. Even if the staining agent has been removed from the carpet, the fibres have may been permanently bleached.

What’s needed is to re-dye the carpet section that has suffered the effects of the bleaching agent, and that’s just what we do.

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Colour Matching for Any Carpet  

 With our special technique and years of experience, we’ve become adept at matching the colour of any carpet on the market, even mottled and multi-coloured carpets. We match the colour so closely, that after a while you’ll completely forget where the bleach mark was located and it will be difficult for any person to find without prior knowledge of it’s exact location.

By colour matching, re-dyeing and fluffing the carpet fibres of the damaged section of carpet to match the texture of the surrounding carpet, we provide you with a great looking carpet once again.

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Spot Dyeing is the Last-chance Solution Before Replacing your Carpet

Don’t resign yourself to having to replace your carpet until you’ve called us to try this last-chance solution. We regularly save our customers thousands of dollars by restoring their carpets to their former glory. And we can do the same for you.

Now renters worried about receiving their rental bond back after vacating an apartment that has suffered bleach marks on the carpet can rest easy knowing about spot dyeing. And home-owners no longer have to put up with that discoloured patch of carpet glaring at them each time they enter the room!

You should also be aware of this carpet-saving procedure particularly if you have pets in the house. Deposits of pet urine on a carpet can leave bleached-out yellow areas, which before the invention of spot dyeing were impossible to salvage without replacing the carpet completely.

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The Spot Dyeing Procedure

When you call us to make a spot dyeing appointment, we’ll ask you a series of questions so we can be prepared for the size of the bleach mark as well as the texture and colour of your carpet.

We’ll arrive with a kit full of dyes and use our colour matching experience to perfectly match the colour of your carpet. We’ll then dye the area to match the surrounding carpet and groom the carpet fibres to match as closely as possible.

If you feel that your carpet is damaged beyond repair by bleach marks, give Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning a call for an inspection before you pay for an expensive replacement. We just might save you some money.

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