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Most of the carpet cleaning we do is the “hot water extraction” method, also known as “steam cleaning.” However, not all jobs are the same, so we judge each job on its merits and choose the most appropriate system according to the outcomes required.

For every job, a thorough pre-vacuuming with a high quality, HEPA filtered machine is undertaken without exception.

Our hot water extraction method removes the toughest, deepest dirt safely and gently. Cleaning solutions appropriate to the fibre and soil content are firstly determined and then applied to the fibres after a thorough pre-inspection. Then, agitation and/or appropriate time is allowed to ensure the solutions penetrate and break up soils as much as possible before an appropriate rinsing agent is injected into the carpet to flush the fibres along with a powerful suction to extract deep-down dirt, allergens, cleaning solution and 95% of the moisture.

It’s the cleaning method most recommended by carpet manufacturers. This process is used by over 90% of all carpet cleaning companies across the country and recommended by most major carpet manufacturers. There is a reason for this; it’s the best!

We may also elect to use the Encapsulation process, a low-moisture process that can also achieve outstanding visual results. It is quite a simple process that involves application of a fibre-appropriate encapsulation solution, choosing the right agitation medium to attach to a machine and work into the fibres to loosen soils. This is then allowed to dry in the carpet and vacuumed out afterwards by the customers normal vacuuming. It isn’t as deep a clean as the extraction method but leaves an excellent visual result with a great odour counteractant built into the product. It is also particularly suited to low pile commercial carpets and can outperform extraction cleaning in those situations

Other methods are available, Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning technicians are certified in all methods of cleaning and we clean according to the manufacturer recommendations and industry standards.

We do prefer it if our customers pre-vacuum the carpets to get any larger bits of debris off the carpet. However, given that we use a more powerful than standard system we will always pre-vacuum all our jobs regardless, to ensure that we can get the best result possible.

Cleaning times depend on the ease of set-up, stains, soil levels, furniture moving and more. On average, it will take approximately 2-3 hours to clean an average 3 bedroom furnished home, around 1½ hours for an unfurnished property.

Dry time is affected by type and thickness of the carpet, water retention qualities of the carpet fibre, humidity, temperature and air flow to the area. It can take anywhere between 2-24 hours for the

carpet to completely dry, depending on the variables. For example, polypropylene can dry in as little as 30mins, wool as long as 24hrs. Using fans, opening windows in any rooms cleaned and turning your air conditioning/heating system on, depending on the time of year, can help accelerate drying time. You may walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, but avoid wearing street shoes, as they may re-soil your carpet. We suggest wearing clean rubber soled shoes or by putting a plastic bag around your shoes until the carpet is dry. Be especially careful when walking from damp, carpeted areas on to non-carpeted areas to avoid slipping.

The two most popular cleaning techniques are hot water extraction (also known as Steam Cleaning) and “dry” cleaning, which isn’t actually dry, but Very Low Moisture. This is actually quite an inefficient clean and can lead to rapid resoiling. Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning have different cleaning options and will choose the one that works best for your situation, generally HWE or Encapsulation (low moisture). Having said that most carpet cleaning companies recommend hot water extraction as their preferred method as it provides deep clean and effectively removes soil/dirt from your carpet. However, there are some situations (e.g. busy offices) where the quicker drying Encapsulation method may be more convenient and still produce impressive results.

Dry cleaning (Very Low Moisture) is a surface clean, which dries very quickly, however, will leave a sticky chemical residue that can resoil quite alarmingly. Encapsulation cleaning (Low Moisture) is a very efficient cleaner that simply will not resoil. The carpets will continue to look better each time the floor is vacuumed afterwards as the residue is continually removed. Steam cleaning is a more powerful deep clean but can take a little longer to dry (still same day dry). Steam cleaning is a deeper, more penetrating cleaning method. It is very effective with heavily soiled carpets. It uses carpet specific detergents and water to extract dirt from your carpets and is completely safe for humans and pets. Drying time is between two to eight hours, depending on the level of soiling, weather and air circulation. It is the method recommended by the Wool Marketing Authorities and all the main carpet manufacturers. It is the only system recognised by the Australian /NZ standards as being the only restorative cleaning system.

The standard drying time is anywhere from 2 to 8 hours. The carpet will only be damp to the touch. Drying times vary, depending on many factors, the amount of soiling within the carpet, the length of the pile, airflow and the temperature both inside and outside the property. One of our staffs’ fundamental skills is their ability to clean carpets thoroughly, leaving the carpets as dry as possible. Most clients report that their carpets are completely dry within 1 to 8 hours.

This really depends on the type of fibre, the construction and what the soiling conditions may be. Each job will have it’s own parameters, please discuss this with your technician when they arrive to inspect your carpet/upholstery.

No, although our process rinses the carpet deep down, moisture does not penetrate the backing of the carpet. With our powerful truck-mounted equipment (“the best’’), your carpet is thoroughly rinsed but left only damp to the touch.

In 1995, representatives from the carpet manufacturing industry, the carpet cleaning industry, and the federal government all agreed upon a common set of standards for the carpet cleaning industry. These standards are now referred to as the AS3733 standards. Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning offers these methods and can select the process that’s right for your needs. It was agreed that each of these cleaning processes should include these standard steps:

  1. Pre-Vacuum
  2. Pre-treat spots, stains and heavily soiled areas
  3. Choice of one of 5 methods prescribed for carpet cleaning - apply suitable cleaning agent
  4. Dwell time and/or agitation
  5. Extraction for HWE
  6. Raking to finish when required Cleaning your carpet following these industry standards will help assure that you’ll get a quality cleaning job.

The Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning procedures exceed these specifications

When cleaned and maintained correctly, carpet life is significantly extended. We recommend that your carpets are cleaned every twelve to eighteen months in a domestic situation (6 months for heavy use) and more often in a commercial property. Remember, even when carpets don’t appear to be particularly dirty, it’s the unseen soils, bacteria and allergens that cause the real damage both to your carpets and to your personal health. To keep your carpets looking their best and lasting the test of time, regular vacuuming of the carpet, preferably with a good quality upright (at least once a week) is advised.

Our Carpet cleaning service is guaranteed to clean your carpet! Unfortunately, some substances will permanently discolour carpet fibres. These substances include bleach, food colourings, soft drinks very old urine stains and some permanent inks/dyes. In these instances, there is nothing that can be cleaned out. Much is the same as an iron burn.

However we do also provide a highly advanced and sophisticated stain removal/recolouring option than can correct 95% of staining commonly untouched by normal cleaning.

This depends on the type of carpet, the weather and how soiled the carpet is. Some carpets dry under two hours and others may take three to eight hours to dry completely. Rapid evaporation is the key to quick drying times. This can be achieved with our dry padding service or using air movers, by keeping the windows open or turning ceiling fans on.

Soil or dirt plays a huge role in wearing down your carpet prematurely. To prolong the life of your carpet it is ideal to vacuum at least once a week. Vacuuming will prevent the deep embedding of soil, particularly if an upright vacuum cleaner is used. If you have pets, allergies or children, a steam clean is recommended for your carpets at least three times a year.

Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning has long been at the forefront of carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and sealing, upholstery cleaning and fabric protection in Perth. Our staff members have undergone professional training and continue to undergo education regarding all textiles. We are prepared to give cleaning care advice backed by our team’s expert knowledge.


Our MD, Franco Preo, has always been about raising the bar on industry standards and exceeding all our customer expectations. Our Carpet Cleaning Technicians are individuals who are knowledgeable and certified through various educational organisations and can demonstrate an understanding of the following elements:

  • All methods of carpet cleaning and the proper conditions and situations in which to use them.
  • How chemicals affect textiles, dyes, spots, indoor air quality, carpet warranties, and individuals.
  • Identification of fibre types and basic construction of carpet, rugs and upholstery.
  • The industry guidelines and proper cleaning procedures for the diverse types of fibres.
  • Strong customer relations.
  • Impeccable moral and ethical standards.

We use highly efficient, high powered independent, truck-mounted machinery to achieve the best cleaning outcomes and offer the following services:

  • Free written estimates.
  • A description of carpet problems with a knowledgeable explanation of these problems and workable solutions.
  • A fresh, clean carpet with little to no residue left in your carpets, keeping them cleaner for longer!
  • Special attention to spots and heavy traffic areas.
  • Moving of furniture (if desired) with the care it deserves. Please note: If furniture moving is excessive or unusual, there may be an extra labour charge applied.
  • Furniture is put back into place with plastic coasters as appropriate to ensure against furniture stain migration into the carpet.
  • All Technicians put through intensive theory and practical training, which they must be assessed as component in. This includes classroom sessions, written, verbal and on-the-job assessments.
  • Advanced stain removal – we get out what others leave behind!
  • Carpet spot dyeing in situations of colour loss.
  • Our trucks are equipped with environmentally safe cleaning solutions to handle a variety of situations and needs.
  • We leave behind a healthier indoor environment for your family and pets.
  • We also can offer a variety of stain protectors to ensure future protection against accidental spills.
  • We stand behind all the services we offer, and that’s why we have our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Any concerns or dissatisfaction expressed regarding the cleaning should be called into our office as soon as possible. We will be happy to inspect and assess the problems and concerns immediately.

Not all carpet cleaning companies are alike. In fact, the difference in the quality of service from one cleaning service to another can be astounding. With so many claims and diversity of equipment and technology available, how do you go about choosing the right carpet cleaning company? It can be difficult because there are usually many choices available. The following are a few guidelines to follow that can help you make the correct option: Be careful when selecting a carpet cleaner to attend your landlord’s properties. In the carpet cleaning, there is so much variation of what you get for your money; it’s important to know what to look for, such as the items below:


#1 Make sure you are choosing a Trained Professional – Carpet cleaning is an ever-changing field. Skilled professional carpet cleaners are aware of such changes and continuously improve the services they offer. In WA, your guarantee of a trained professional is a full member of the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA (Inc) (www.ccwa.com.au ). Association members are obliged to attend a minimum of 2 training workshops of the 4 held each year, to make sure that they are keeping up with changes and Franco, the owner of Fresh Aire, also happens to be the co-founder and Training and Technical Co-ordinator for the Association.

#2 Equipment – Can the equipment do the job? Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning has invested heavily in equipment; we have top of the line high powered portable and truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. Along with this, we have rotary scrubbers, Bonzer wands, Orbots, ProchemQuadjet and Titanium wands, steamers, orbitals, spotter machines, a huge range of specialist cleaning and stain removal agents… we have taken carpet cleaning to the next level!

#3 How the cleaner will clean the carpets – The cleaning procedure is critical, will the carpets be vacuumed for the price, will the carpets be agitated, does the carpet cleaner know about fibres and construction types, urine treatments, health issues, stains? Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning offers a fullservice solution to cater for every possible scenario within the industry, and we have the equipment to do it.

#4 Service Guarantee – If you’re not happy with the job, what will happen? In today’s world, a service guarantee is so important to ensure the quality of work. Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning has a reputation to uphold, and we stand by our quality and service levels so that should there be any issues we would be more than happy to return at no additional charge to fix such problems.

#5 Customer Reviews & Recommendations. –Go online to review sites such as Google, and Facebook for more information.

At Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning, we stand behind the quality of all areas of our services. We want you to feel comfortable enough to call us again when your carpets need cleaning.

We at Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning believe we fulfil all the requirements of a reputable, dependable, professional cleaning firm.

  • Our technicians are schooled and trained in every facet of cleaning weekly and they attend schools to update their learning on a regular basis.
  • We have completed our Wool Safe Certification.
  • All our cleaning equipment is continuously maintained and updated according to the latest developments in the field.

Can you do it yourself? Of course, you can, BUT:

  • Do you understand the chemistry of both the products and fibres you are dealing with?
  • Do you understand the dyes that have been used and how they can be destabilised?
  • Do you know if the machine you are using has been adequately serviced?
  • Do you know that you are extracting the necessary amount of moisture and soil?
  • Do you know that your cleaning agents won’t cause resoiling?
  • Can you confidently say that a small, domestic rated machine will outperform an independently powered, high performance Truckmount machine?

Like any other industry, a professional that cares about their work will always do a better job than someone with a tool and some good intentions. So many things can go wrong and do when people attempt things themselves. Why run the risk of thousands of dollars in replacement costs for the sake of a few dollars?

When comparing prices, we consider ourselves the best value for money carpet cleaners within the carpet cleaning industry. Please bear in mind that we are professionally trained/certified, are fully insured with over 30 years of experience in the industry, have the best professional truck mounted equipment and accessories available and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our price also includes full analysis/treatment of all spots/stains, we don’t rush our work, take care with and respect your property while we are there. There are also no hidden fees or additional charges. There is a reason we are an industry leader, and that’s because we do things properly.


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