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Franco Preo knows carpet cleaning and floor care like the back of his hand. He has been in the business of restoring carpeted and tiled floors all over the Perth area to looking like new through the techniques and knowledge he has gained through the over 30 years he has been in the business of cleaning carpets and tiled floors.

We invite all home and business owners to view our library of taped interviews with the master cleaner of Perth to learn when they are able to fix a dirty or stained carpet themselves and when the job is definitely a job to be handled by a professional carpet cleaner.

He founded what is known today as the Carpet Cleaning association of Western Australia. He served as president for 7 years. But his true calling was as the Training and Technical Officer, which is still the position he holds today. In 2006/2007 he was recognised as the “Carpet Cleaner of the Year” by the BSCAA (WA).

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Look Through his Taped Interviews and Stain Removal Videos for Valuable Information

Few people have the wealth of experience and knowledge about carpet cleaning that Franco enjoys. And he enjoys sharing his techniques and not-so-secret tips on methods and techniques ways to restore your dirty, grimy and stained carpets to look new again.

Please view his interviews if your looking for an answer to carpet cleaning problem or need an expert’s opinion on a particular problem you’ve encountered with your carpet.

Franco Preo is the best source of qualified knowledge on the subject of carpet cleaning.

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Here at Fresh Aire, we are able to provide carpet cleaning services to residential and commercial properties throughout the entire Perth area. Our vast selection of services will completely refresh, protect and sanitise your property.


We are able to competently restore your carpets to a near new appearance. No matter how bad you think the condition of your carpets are, chances are that we can restore them and make them look their best once again.

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