Retain Value in your Rental Investment with Regular Carpet Cleaning



One of the ongoing issues for property managers is the health and state of tenanted properties carpets. We know that how the carpet looks and smells influences who is interested in renting the property and we also believe that having a scheduled clean for carpets will lengthen the usable life of the carpets in rental properties. This is the same for commercial or residential properties.

Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning has the highest standards and greatest success in removing dirt and stains from your property. We know that carpets in tenanted properties can be neglected and often treated with little respect.

Let us help you to maintain the floor and tiled surfaces in your rental properties on a one-off or ongoing basis. We can arrange a cleaning schedule for you so floor coverings  are maintained in top condition. Or we can do pre or post cleans in vacated properties.

To see the miracles we have often performed please take a look at our Before & Afters

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Here at Fresh Aire, we are able to provide carpet cleaning services to residential and commercial properties throughout the entire Perth area. Our vast selection of services will completely refresh, protect and sanitise your property.


We are able to competently restore your carpets to a near new appearance. No matter how bad you think the condition of your carpets are, chances are that we can restore them and make them look their best once again.

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