Carpet Stain Troubleshooting



Or other things like cordial stains, texta marks, or just plain filthy carpets? Did you think there was nothing you could do about it besides replacement?

We love the challenge of stains everyone else will tell you cannot be removed and have a 90% success rate at a fraction of replacement costs. And if we don’t think we can improve it we will tell you before attempting restoration saving you substantial sums of money so please have your carpets inspected.

If you have any of these problems our expert knowledge and advanced cleaning techniques will assure fantastic results  –

  • Bleach marks
  • Dye stains
  • Pet Stains
  • Wine stains
  • Odour problems
  • Filthy carpet or upholstery
  • Inspections and reporting
  • Forensic investigation

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Advanced Cleaning Techniques Solve Almost Any Cleaning Problems

As the scientific cleaning techniques used by the carpet cleaning industry continue to advance, we’ve come to the point where we are absolutely confident that we can solve 90% of your problems with stained and damaged carpet.

We employ forensic investigations techniques that allow to predict whether or not we will be successful in restoring your carpet to its original state of cleanliness.

Most stains present no problem to the advanced carpet cleaning solutions we use. Dy, pet and wind stains are mostly protein based. Our solutions break down these protein molecules and free them from you carpet fibres. The result is a total cleaning of your carpet fibres with no resulting trace of the stains. Afterwards we can even treat areas that are likely to get stained again by protecting them.

Odours that accumulate in your carpets and upholstery and leave them smelling old, musty and mildewed are also easily remedied by the present generation of green and safe chemical solutions we use to clean with them with. After being treated with our solutions, your carpet and upholstery smells fresh and clean again.

The filth from dirt and grime are also no match for our cleaning techniques. For ground-in dirt and grime our deep cleaning penetrates your fibres down to the base. The professional, powerful suction appliances we then use can dislodge even the toughest dirt and grime, making it easy to remove to leave your carpets and upholstery looking bright and new again.

With the combination of our professional cleaning equipment and the techniques we employ along with the scientific solutions we use, we can solve almost all carpet and upholstery cleaning issues for residents of Perth, quickly and easily.

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Here at Fresh Aire, we are able to provide carpet cleaning services to residential and commercial properties throughout the entire Perth area. Our vast selection of services will completely refresh, protect and sanitise your property.


We are able to competently restore your carpets to a near new appearance. No matter how bad you think the condition of your carpets are, chances are that we can restore them and make them look their best once again.

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