Stain Protection Gives You an Extra Edge Against Spills

With all the hype and hoopla about stain protected carpets, you may think that your carpets are totally resilient to any type of spill or stain. But stain protection, while great to have, can wear off after a while.

If it’s been some time since you’ve had your carpets cleaned and treated with a stain protection process, your carpets may once again be vulnerable to staining. To give you some background into stain protection, you should know that there are two kinds of stain protecting treatments – mill applied and post cleaning applied.

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Mill Applied Stain Protection

Mill Applied is a stain protection that is applied during the manufacturing process. The protection is actually baked into the carpet fibres. Mill applied stain protection lasts about 5 years or 3 cleans, whichever comes first, depending on the amount of traffic your carpet is subjected to so be aware that this can wear out in commercial office environments.

Post Cleaning Protection

Post Cleaning Applied stain protection is applied by your carpet cleaner or yourself. These products tend offer a much shorter length of protection.

Both of these methods protect the carpet fibres from water and oil-based stains and soils. They both coat the fibres with a liquid repellent that makes it easier to remove the contaminants by keeping them off the surface of the fibres themselves.

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Stain Blockers

The next level of protection comes from stain blockers. These are the compounds used in the famous Dupont Stainmaster carpets. They completely fill the dyesites of the carpet fibres making penetration by staining materials (dyes) almost impossible. Products containing stain blockers are generally referred to as being ‘stain-resistant’. They are generally more durable that stain protected products.

Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning are also proud to be the sole WA agent for Microseal® – a new Nano-Technology product for all fibres – in fact it is the only protector that even polypropylene fibres will accept. This product also has the distinct advantage of being a once only application and should last the lifetime of the fibre.

Talk to us to find out which product will suit you best

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Stain Protection is Not Stain Proof

Stain protection gives you an extra edge against stains. It doesn’t protect your carpets from every type of stain. You still have to be vigilant, particularly if you have pets in the house.

Pet urine has been known to penetrate stain protected carpets. You shouldn’t let your guard down just because your carpets are new or they have just undergone a stain protection treatment.

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React Quickly to Any Spills

You still should react quickly to any spills on your carpet by following the recommended action on the stain guide depending on what material has been spilled. This stain guide can be found on the Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning website.

Stain protection gives you an added advantage in the amount of time before the material is absorbed, but it doesn’t protect completely against all types of stains. Still, that added amount of time can mean the difference between having a permanently stained carpet and having a stain that can be removed completely.

This makes stain protection more than worth having as an added precaution on your expensive carpets.

To learn more about stain protection, contact Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning. We’re the leading carpet cleaning experts in the Perth area. Call us today.

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